I’m Suz. I used to live in Seattle but moved to a more rural location in Washington State with my perma-boyfriend in 2022. This year I plan to make one recipe from every country in the world and write about it. It’s a pretty big undertaking, but I’m hopeful! I’m also a newly minted baby pilot and plan on doing much more flying in 2023.

I’m also keeping my old bio below to remind myself of the fact that I actually achieved most of the things I wrote in it (I ran that marathon without any training, but I never did get any better at tap dancing…).

From 2018: I’m Suz. I live in Seattle and will be spending 2018 achieving a whole bunch of things, and then I will write about them. I will make one new recipe every week. I’m getting my private pilot’s license. I’m going to run the New York marathon. And I’ll continue to go snowboarding and to lots of live shows and eat at delicious restaurants and learn to tap dance. If any of these things are of interest to you, you will find them here. Dig in!

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